Best rate for cs 1.6 ?

Discussion in 'Tech Central' started by dev1n, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. dev1n

    dev1n New guy

    I feel alot of lags in the server So i just wanna ask what are the best rates for the server and cs 1.6 ? Im not sure

    if its my internet or not.
  2. Mummified41

    Mummified41 Loyal Servant

    If that's the case tell me what your rates are right now. Either post a copy of your config or tell me your:


    Also, do the following:

    1) take a SS of your game with net_graph 3 enabled.

    2) Type ping in console a few times and let me know what your avg ping is.

    3) Go to and find out what kind of speed you're getting from your ISP.

    There are no standard rates. It all depends on your own computer's capabilities as well as your isp/location in relation to the server.
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  3. dev1n

    dev1n New guy

  4. Black_Sheep

    Black_Sheep King of New York

  5. Joker!

    Joker! #MouseDR

    Help me then pls

    Rate: 25000
    cl_cmdrate 101
    cl_updaterate 101

    Avg ping: 65ms





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  6. Mummified41

    Mummified41 Loyal Servant

    Your rates seem fine for your connection. Are you getting any cl_flushentitypacket errors?
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  7. DAMN

    DAMN FreeDom Fighter

    so often , lol !
  8. Joker!

    Joker! #MouseDR

    Nope, but reg sux... Sometime I shoot 15 bullets (3 bullets per time) and cant hit shit. (My aim skills are good >.>)
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