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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Black_Sheep, Aug 9, 2017.

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  1. Black_Sheep

    Black_Sheep King of New York

    Member Name Black_Sheep

    Admin who banned you: WHX | Mr. Pepsi

    In-Game Name: WHX | Black_Sheep

    Ban URL: http://bans.whx.site.nfoservers.com/ban_list.php?bid=51299

    Ban Reason: -

    Server you were banned from: R

    Describe the Event: Ban Check for Steam User.

    Proof Of Innocence: Please provide demo.
  2. Mr.Pepsi

    Mr.Pepsi Pepsi Addict

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  3. Mummified41

    Mummified41 Loyal Servant

    forwarpowersoo.dem - Nothing

    2.dem - There were a couple hard traces 7:42 & 7:51 but both are pretty common spots. There was one more trace after this but I can't be sure it was coincidental or dirty. Overall I have to say clean / just not enough for me to ban him on IMO.
  4. .::M.N.H::.

    .::M.N.H::. WristHaX Overdose

    forwarpowersoo :

    4:33 - fast reaction .

    forwarpowersoo2 :

    6:29 - he saw part of the enemy's weapon, then shooting him accurately after changing enemy's place.
    6:42 - looks like a trace.
    7:54 - he waited for enemy to leave (Knowing that every time he comes out of this place he was looking elsewhere).
    8:22 - looks like a trace.

    6:05 \ 6:40 \ 7:50 \ 8:33 - in this timestamps, when he comes out of his base he looks at the green boxes for a moment (I can't say it is coincidental because it has been repeated several times and in different places).

    I thought it was clean , but after checking the demos for many times I going with dirty.
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  5. iNoob

    iNoob WristhaX Noob

    forwarpowersoo : Nothing.
    forwarpowersoo2 : 6:28 - Enemy's weapon can be seen. 6:40 - trace. 7:49 - trace. 8:23 - enemy's weapon can be heard but still a accurate shot. 8:33 - looks like a trace.
    Nothing too solid for me. clean/not enough. Also no SS were taken on demo please make sure you take SS while recording the demo.
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  6. Kathi

    Kathi Wristhax Viking

    forwarpowersoo: nothing that suspicious
    6:05 trace on dude behind counter
    6:41 trace
    7:49 trace
    7:59 trace on guy behind clock, it looks like he knows he's there
    8:21 that shot is just too accurate

    I know the spot he checks are common ones, but he is only checking the ones, where there is an enemy, especially the one behind the radio/clock, is solid for me that he is WH.

    I'm going with dirty
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  7. OTTO

    OTTO WristHaX Overdose

    forwarpowersoo : nothing
    forwarpowersoo2 :
    6:28 trace , 6:40 trace
    8:21 acurate trace and shooting
    i m going with clean /not enough
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  8. DAMN

    DAMN FreeDom Fighter

    forwarpowersoo : nothing

    forwarpowersoo2 :
    5:58 - he is preparing himself for incoming enemy that can't be heard . dirty
    6:40 - possible trace but he saw his teammate aiming toward that area and then saw the parachute coming from the other side . clean
    7:49 - dirty accurate trace .
    7:54 - common spot to check and he saw some shots hitting the radio and after that the M4 silencer . clean
    8:23 - M4 sound could be heard but that's too accurate for normal player . dirty
    8:33 - i count that as common spot to check -beside waste container " rubbish basket " - . clean

    3 questionable dirty moments that are not enough to hold a ban ,, too bad that he left game before getting enough solid proof
    Not Enough \ Clean
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  9. Kathi

    Kathi Wristhax Viking

    Clean/not enough 4
    Dirty 2

    @Staff would you please unban this player?
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  10. Johnny

    Johnny WristHaX Site Administrator Staff Member

    • WHX | Staff
    • WHX | Administrators
    Player is now unbanned. Thanks guys

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