Discover If You Have a Superhuman Ability to Recognize Faces

Discussion in 'Science and Space' started by DAMN, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. DAMN

    DAMN FreeDom Fighter


    as you all know GamerZ have a good sight and ability to recognize things more than others bcz we spend tons of hours in-front of screen "staring" trying to play the game we love in lovely way .
    so i decided to share this with you ,

    or maybe u can skip it to do the following survey :

    The test is quite simple. Just look at a picture for a few seconds, and then identify the face you’ve seen in a series of photos.

    If you get more than 10 points out of 14, you’re a super-recognizer!

    here is the link :

    i got 10/14 , share your score with us :)
    Have fun !
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  2. Mikel

    Mikel Guardian

    I got 10\14 too , lol
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  3. kitten_BG >^.^<

    kitten_BG >^.^< Stalked by Geo

  4. albert

    albert I ♥ pintu Staff Member

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  5. DAMN

    DAMN FreeDom Fighter

    nice guys , u are True Gamers :) !
    good one Albert !
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  6. Keisari

    Keisari The drunken finnish

    *true nerds
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  7. Johnny

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  8. Rei

    Rei WristHaX Addict

    I think if I paid a bit more attention I would have got all.
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  9. DAMN

    DAMN FreeDom Fighter

    same for me , i got distracted for seconds and lost 2 pic for nothing !
  10. Rei

    Rei WristHaX Addict

    I was at work so I wasn't paying much attention lol
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  11. Wallhack?

    Wallhack? Loyal Servant

    somebody must have had a really shitty score :sar: :sar:
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  12. Keisari

    Keisari The drunken finnish

    Jokes on you, i didnt do it at all
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