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  1. whiteOut`

    whiteOut` The Artisté

    The hats are of no use if no one but server admins and regular forum visitors are the only ones who know about them. Can't we have a message displayed in your chat the moment you join, saying something like ' Type /hats to wear fun hats.' I'm not implying nobody knows about the hats, but the majority don't....While I'm at it, I think we should have 'Sign up as an official WHX clan member on www.wristhax.com' or something like that displayed on all our servers. I've had people ask me about that and I assume a lot of them are too lazy to actually do a simple google search. Besides, they're a lot more likely to sign up if prompted like that. Hell you could add 'Apply for free adminship at ---' and watch them come here by the truckload to make apps without reading the requirements.
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  2. whiteOut`

    whiteOut` The Artisté

    Btw when I took a snapshot on a player xxx 'Admin whiteout used snapshot command on xxx' was displayed in what looked like russian at a glance ( I'm talking about the on-screen chat) This happened in aim_usp right about now.
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  3. DAMN

    DAMN FreeDom Fighter

    1) About hat things , it happened with me ; i was playing and i my self forgot we had that plugin and remembered it after half of the map passed i like to wear that yellow big hat so everyone can see it and to encourage them to use that plugin and they started /skins , /skin , /knives , the didn't know what is the secret till i used y@ " all chat " and said " to wears hats type /hats in chat " , so as whiteOut said :
    2) About visiting WHX forums and register to get free admin , i saw that in AoG servers even though they are empty but ppl still joining that community !!

    3) maybe we can also add " report a hacker @ www.wristhax.com " ??

    if 2, 3 were accepted we should apply them for all servers

    4) u still have the demo you banned that guy with ? share it with us ; but to make sure , what is you amx_langmenu set to ?
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  4. |CU|unknown

    |CU|unknown Boom Head Shot Staff Member

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    Just throwing this in here.

    On my old server, I had setup two different levels for regulars. One was obtained with 50 hours of game play on the server. It gave access to various little things like you mentioned here. It also encouraged players to come to the website and signup since they needed to do so to get the regular status. There was a secondary status that you needed 100 hours to get but it also cost 2.50$ a month. That one gave some premium perks. I also had a credit system that players could buy into and spend on some one time per map perks. The idea of this was help with donations to keep the server going. A simple chat advertisement plugin that shows messages on a loop is easy to make also to advertise all of this.
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  5. Erocne Ypsit

    Erocne Ypsit Guardian

    Great ideas guys, thanks for the input.

    I requested an advertiser/autoresponder plugin addition in which:

    1) hats will be advertised regularly
    2) Ad for Wristhax.com
    3) a response when someone says "hack" or "cheat" directing them to the report a hacker section on forums
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  6. Erocne Ypsit

    Erocne Ypsit Guardian

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  7. whiteOut`

    whiteOut` The Artisté

    @DAMN It was always set to English. I tried it on myself and this time it was okay. Detected my walls too. Dunno what happened there.
    That was quick thanks! Seems to be working great.
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  8. DAMN

    DAMN FreeDom Fighter

    for only fy\awim\awp server or all servers ?
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  9. Erocne Ypsit

    Erocne Ypsit Guardian

    This was only put on Fyaim for now - Evil and I agree that it would be a good addition to the other servers as well.

    also added

    "To see your stats, type /gameme in chat"
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  10. DAMN

    DAMN FreeDom Fighter

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  11. Erocne Ypsit

    Erocne Ypsit Guardian

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