Jad S Yacoub - Abused by black_sheep

Discussion in 'Admin Abuse' started by Jad S Yacoub, Jul 12, 2017.

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  1. Jad S Yacoub

    Jad S Yacoub New guy

    Member Name Jad S Yacoub

    Admin who abused: black_sheep

    Your In-Game Name: jwalleNz

    In which server:

    What is your steam ID or IP: [AMXBans] Your SteamID: 'STEAM_0:1:8897565'
    [AMXBans] Your IP: ''

    Evidence of any: Console logs:

    THE DOC ! killed Too Easy meng ;) with awp

    *DEAD* jwalleNz : wrejt

    *DEAD* jwalleNz : wrekt

    *DEAD* Too Easy meng ;) : like i did to u in mid

    *DEAD* Too Easy meng ;) : ,)

    *DEAD* jwalleNz : "did"

    *DEAD* jwalleNz : camping t spawn"

    Too Easy meng ;) : lol dont start with me shitty

    jwalleNz : fuck up ur thrahs

    [AMXBans] Banned by Admin: WHX | Black_Sheep
    [AMXBans] You can complain about your ban @ www.wristhax.com
    [AMXBans] Reason: 'Disrespect '
    [AMXBans] Duration: '20 minutes'
    [AMXBans] Your SteamID: 'STEAM_0:1:8897565'
    [AMXBans] Your IP: ''


    Description of what happened: Not a clue who he is. He thought it was appropriate to call me shitty, so i replied accordingly. Really unprofessional attitude, if he can't handle an argument, he should reconsider his role.
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  2. Black_Sheep

    Black_Sheep King of New York

    lol oh man the famous jwalleNz makes an appearance.

    First off, it seems like you were salty having to comment on my death after I killed you moments before; you really wanted to get those comments off your chest. Your skills in a 15+ year old game and crying over someone killing you is quite childish. I have been here a long time and have seen regulars come and go. I've come to know you as a very egotistic and rude player overall. I am pretty sure the previous SM Callie would agree with me and many others. Should I have banned you for the situation above? probably not, but cursing at anyone whether it be an admin or not shows your lack of respect for anyone in the server. Its a 20 minute ban, which expired about 2 hours ago, so I'm sure your already back in there protecting your cs turf as we speak. I will accept any punishment that comes from this.

    I should tag the SM of the server for comments. @Hokay
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  3. Serbi@n

    Serbi@n Ред Стар Staff Member

    • WHX | Leader
    Well if you wanted to show professional attitude you shouldn't reply him back and disrespect him, that is basic rule of conflict management. I can't accept this complaint as valid one, only thing i can advice you guys to enjoy in game.
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