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Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Kathi, Aug 7, 2017.

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  1. Kathi

    Kathi Wristhax Viking

    Member Name Kathi

    What position are you applying for? DR

    In-Game Name: Kathi

    What is your steam ID: STEAM_0:0:1564858

    What is your email address? You already know it, yap!

    Management Experience: - I have just finished my master in digital management.
    - I'm used to work in teams and collaborate with colleagues in my every day life.
    - I take a week out of my schedule every year to educate youngsters at a boarding school.

    Why we should pick YOU: To be honest, I haven't been a member of this community, for that long (december, 2016), but I think that I'm more than capable to become a demo reviewer here. I have played this game for 15 years (since I was 11), and have come across all kinds of people hacking, and now find it quite easy to distinguish a legit player from a dirty one.

    I have been an admin here since February 2017, and are currently having 195 active bans and 3 expired bans (1 due to fat fingers). I know that it's 3 too many expired bans, but I have learned my lesson the hard way, and this number will not increase.

    I know it will be difficult to fill out Geo's shoes, mostly because he is having larger feet than me (pun intended), but I know that I'm able to do it.

    +Information to Back Up your APP: A lot of game time:
    18 days of connection time in rats.
    3 days of connection time in fy/aim.
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  2. Cab@llero

    Cab@llero WristHaX Gamer

    Vouch. I think She met all the requirements to become a DR. Very active, good eyes on hackers and friendly. GL katy perry
  3. Forza.

    Forza. Milan Fan

    Big Vouch for Wristhax's Viking..
    she's really active on both server n Forums , friendly , doing a great job as an admin with a high mount of active bans , n m sure she'll do a great job as a DR!
    Good Luck!
  4. Mr.Pepsi

    Mr.Pepsi Pepsi Addict

    Huh it's obvious...Big vouch for KATHI!
    Friendly,active,great admin.
    Attends to help when something is wrong,helps in reviewing demos!
    Good luck!
  5. Joker!

    Joker! #MouseDR

    Be ready to drink with me, everyday.

    Vouch, mature, responsible, she know how to do the work. She will be a good add to our team. She is respectful and know how to handle any situation.

    Also. She have the enough knowledge to be a good DR.
  6. Lord Avigi

    Lord Avigi Queen of Gungame

    Vouch for Kathi! She's really active and mature, and has enough skills to spot a hacker. Im sure she'll do a great job as DR!
  7. Motion [1975]

    Motion [1975] Ozzy Chink

    Your total amount of bans intimidated me, though not as much as DarkSide's *giggles in awkwardness...*. Plus, you're good at spotting hackers, you're friendly and most importantly, mature. Anyways, best of luck on competing with MNH for this DR position and may the odds be ever in your favour.
  8. whiteOut`

    whiteOut` The Artisté

    Yeah easy vouch here. Everyone knows what I'm going to say so I'll keep it short lol. Extremely active on multiple, to the point where it's scary. Friendly and mature. Has a very good eye for hackers, and often spots hackers faster than me on the server, which I like to think doesn't happen too often. Hasn't been here too long, but is dedicated to the community and the timing of her application leads me to believe she is confident she can handle irl work along with being a DR, so why not. Glhf Kaths.
  9. J@ck B@uer

    J@ck B@uer Loyal Servant

    def vouch . she has played almost as long as me and knows how to spot em . gl hun
  10. Mikel

    Mikel Guardian

    Vouch for Kathi! .. She is active , mature and friendly .. i believe kathi would be a good fit for this position .. GL
  11. -=Kill4Free=-|TEO|

    -=Kill4Free=-|TEO| Knight Templar

    Big vouch!
    Female :) Friendly, Mature, skilled
  12. SpiriT

    SpiriT WristHaX Addict

    Vouch for Kathi, she is a great person and great admin..easily can spot cheaters in-game.She got all what it takes to be a DR. Good luck
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  13. FaRiS

    FaRiS Rats Bully

    Vouch for this nub viking , she got the enough experience to be Dr and good ban ratio ,Gl
  14. Johnny

    Johnny WristHaX Site Administrator Staff Member

    • WHX | Staff
    • WHX | Administrators
    Thanks for your Interest & Good Luck In Your Application.
    You are now under the Selection Process. The Final Decision will be taken soon.
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  15. Johnny

    Johnny WristHaX Site Administrator Staff Member

    • WHX | Staff
    • WHX | Administrators
    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to consider you. In this instance, we have decided to accept your application for Demo Reviewer. We are pleased to welcome you to our Management Team! Good luck in your new position.
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