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  1. Gun

    Gun CTF Guardian

    bcuz noobs dont know how to flashbangs.
  2. Keisari

    Keisari The drunken finnish

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  3. Serbi@n

    Serbi@n Ред Стар Staff Member

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    Ken and that nub ass Killah are reasons why i joined.Later on alot friends from AoG come here >Diebish , Noctis, Nork , Pepsi and Evil joined.Probably i forget someone lol, this is all in friendship what to say.
    And i found here alot friends Pintu, that girl Markus,Nansy and many more.
    And who knows me better knows that this community changed my life for better i could probably wrote book about that :).
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  4. omgItsNancy

    omgItsNancy Mother of Dragons

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  5. Keisari

    Keisari The drunken finnish

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  6. Kumanderbot

    Kumanderbot WristHaX Geek

    My fascination for playing CS online started when me and my friend got a wacky idea of just trying to play in a random "internet" server using dial-up internet connection way back 16 years ago. I remember us taking turns (every round) to try and kill any opposition that time. Fun times!

    When I got my own DSL connection, I downloaded a non-steam CS and started playing on random servers. There were only few servers that have nice pings, from where I am, and most of them kicks me for no apparent reasons (probably I could not understand what they are saying because I visit non-english speaking servers too).

    I stumbled on WHX servers and felt that it has a nice community and actively ban cheaters so I registered and stayed. I mostly play in "Classic" server but hops from other WHX servers from time to time.
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  7. aNinja

    aNinja WristHaX Geek

    I joined WHX b/c i kept getting banned in ALL of the WHX servers and RAH kept unbanning me, he finaly just said f'it and told me to join and sign up for admin, i did... I'm still here because despite the horrid reg in the servers, i love playing in them, i love the other admins and how they keep the servers nice and neat, but most of all, i stay b/c of the owners and how much time they put into a hobby i happen to f'n love. I respect y'all for keeping this thing alive, and i thank you for it. Peace and FraG on.
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  8. Keisari

    Keisari The drunken finnish

    Love you long time
  9. DusT

    DusT Banned

    I've joined to meet new people and have fun playing just like i have fun playing other servers too :)
  10. Cookie

    Cookie Member

    I've joined this community because its active and I like to see active communities and engage with them :)
  11. dojob

    dojob The King

    Great people: kind, loving, sociable. Enjoy rocking out with everyone :p
  12. FaRiS

    FaRiS Rats Bully

    Well i was new to the game that time and i was only playing rats servers ,i was playing in sG rats server but after they shut it down i switched to whx , liked the server and the admins who play there , but that guy @mW bOOm i always thought he is hacking :rofl , so once day he said :"if you see me hacking report me at" then i said fuck yeah i will report you ( dont blame me i was in what called noobness days :rofl )but then i changed my mind and like the community and wanted to be part of it
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  13. Decoy

    Decoy ★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆ Staff Member

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    You're still a noob my friend. ;)
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  14. Legendary[Geo]

    Legendary[Geo] Hi, I am a cry ass.

    than both of u met me n fell inlove w me. <33
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  15. FaRiS

    FaRiS Rats Bully

    You still maricon my friend ;)
    Thanks god i didnt meet you in the beginning or I wouldnt join this community :sar:
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