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Discussion in 'Bug Reports,Suggestions,Complaints' started by whiteOut`, May 30, 2017.

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  1. whiteOut`

    whiteOut` The Artisté

    Member Name whiteOut`

    Is this for the servers or forums?: DM

    Your Suggestion: Enable CTs to be able to kill not just Ts, but CTs as well. Same for Ts. Essentially, make it just a DM not a Team DM.

    How will we benefit from this?: Again a pretty extreme suggestion from me. However, a lot of the time there are around 10 players in the map and 5v5 gets boring pretty quickly as it takes quite some time to find an opponent, especially if it's a big map. If we enable this and remove the concept of teams and make it a 'fight only for yourself' kinda server, I'll have 9 opponents in the server not 5. It'll make playing in the server with lower populations a lot more fun and people will be likely to stay on longer.
    Even when the server is nearly'll get a lot more frantic and bullet friendly, but in the big DM maps, I think it should be okay even if I have 31 other opponents. Of course if this is implemented, any fy or awp maps that are still there will have to be removed. Again, if this could be done manually/automatically when the populations dips below a certain point, there would be nothing like it. I dunno, maybe worth a thought.
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  2. Keisari

    Keisari The drunken finnish

    Not a bad suggestion based on the recent population on TDM server.
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  3. -=Kill4Free=-|TEO|

    -=Kill4Free=-|TEO| Knight Templar

    this was discussed previously with Johnny. Will see what can be done.
    Meantime: How about when killing an enemy it gives you 1 kill, but when you do it to your teammate - 0 kills?
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  4. DAMN

    DAMN FreeDom Fighter

    Allow me to say , i used to play in a TDM server where it was a real TDM server ,, how is that ?
    Well , the server i used to play has the team spawn points as same as its in classic servers and as we have it in CTF " CT's spawn in their base , T's do the same " and both teams try to rush and take place over the map and surround the enemy team in their base .
    The current mod we have is " DM " where players spawn in random spots and start searching for players they don't know where to find , but with the real TDM mod they know exactly where to find enemy's .
    so its either we switch to DM or a real TDM .
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  5. whiteOut`

    whiteOut` The Artisté

    Interesting concept...However if a skilled player like...say, whiteOut got his head around this system, he could use it in pretty unexpected ways. For example I would shoot my team-mates with 2-3 bullets, and lower their health to 10-20 allowing me to bait them. I could also kill a teammate and then take his kill. Players with lesser skill like...say...blacksheep would really suffer. Especially since in DM you check the score only every 10 kills or so, so many nub CTs might not even realize that they aren't getting points for killing CTs...whereas skilled players will completely use it to their advantage. Overall I believe this might cause a bigger disparity between the K/Ds of the skilled players and lesser skilled ones.
    On the other hand though, it would be exciting to look at one of your teammates and tense up, wondering whether he's going to shoot or not. But in all probability someone will start killing their teammates and once that happens, every one will go on a killing frenzy. I'm just worried about what I said above, but I dunno, maybe a trial run?
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  6. whiteOut`

    whiteOut` The Artisté

    Tbh this used to get quite annoying and I used to rage all the time when I couldn't get outta spawn lol :p . This happens at the ct spawn in CTF's D2002 if I remember correctly.
  7. DarkSide

    DarkSide Guardian

    I don't think it's a good idea enable friendly fire unless the goal is to keep the server with few players. This would be disastrous (IMO) if the server has a considerable amount of players causing many players to leave the server for the following reasons:
    1. Some players will join the server in order to ruin the game of other players (only killing teammates) and they don't care about the real purpose of TDM that is to kill opponents;
    2. Often a player respawn surrounded by multiple enemies and this is already hard. If teammates could kill us, there would be few safe respawn points on the maps (the smaller the map, the worse it would be). You could die ten times in a row without being able to kill a single enemy/teammate and this isn't fun;
    3. That would be an incentive to camping. Players would stand in advantage spots simply by shooting anyone.

    I have also played TDM on other servers and I agree with DAMN's suggestion. If we separate the respawn points (CTs from Ts), we would be including in TDM the strategic and tactical factors. This doesn't need to be done on all maps, this would be pretty cool especially on small maps such as awp_india for example.
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  8. -=Kill4Free=-|TEO|

    -=Kill4Free=-|TEO| Knight Templar

    This was the main reason why the FF was disabled.

    This is not a big deal to do. Just to review the spawn points on the smaller maps. As for the big maps like Dust, aztec etc, IMO, hazardous spawn points will be good to keep.
    When only a few players are playing it will be extremely boring to run from the spawn point to the other part of the map only to get killed.
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  9. -=Kill4Free=-|TEO|

    -=Kill4Free=-|TEO| Knight Templar

    FF will remain off for now. I will try boosting the server as often is possible.
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