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Discussion in 'Accepted' started by TheZola3, Jun 12, 2017.

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  1. TheZola3

    TheZola3 WristHaX Overdose

    Member Name TheZola3

    What position are you applying for? Demo Reviewer

    In-Game Name: TheZola3.

    What is your steam ID: STEAM_0:0:1603349616 0 00:20 47 0

    What is your email address? It's given already,if in need pm me.

    Management Experience: An admin on Rats and CTF for 2 months now.
    Even tho i was a member since like,2012, i was not that active.

    Why we should pick YOU: I was an admin on rats for 2-3 months way before WHX was just established in the cs community,but that was 5 years ago.During this period i didn't play cs much beacuse at that time i was only 13 and had other priorities(like school and sports).I recently came back from that 5 year break (3 months ago) and came back to cs, I had an interest as to this community to be more appreciated and respected beacuse of the fun it gave me when I was 13(I played rats alot.I mean alot for a 13 year old.),so i started with reporting some hackers.Eventually i applied as an admin for rats and didn't manage to succeed in my first admin trial beacuse i forgot all the obligations an admin had and didn't really take my adminship seriously.I got 1 player unbanned beacuse of my bad evaluation of a player and one beacuse i didn't have the demo.After that i realized i have to be a little bit serious about my duty.
    44 bans and 2 unbans.Compared to other,this is nothing.But for me it's alot,considering i am an admin for 2 months now.I'm alot active on the forums.I check it every time i can when i'm working(probably most of you do too) to see if there's some help needed.When i'm not working i'm always online.I want to help the community as much as possible so I hope with this position I can achive my goal.

    +Information to Back Up your APP:
  2. Mr.Pepsi

    Mr.Pepsi WristHaX Addict

    Vouch for Zola3
    great admin,active,Friendly,Helpful,mature
    He helped me reviewing alot of demo's! :)
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2017
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  3. DAMN

    DAMN FreeDom Fighter

    Vouch for this guy here !
    he is very active in Forums and servers , Friendly , got what it takes for this Position .
    good luck man ;)
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  4. Forza.

    Forza. WristHaX Overdose

    He's active on both forums n servers.
    he's friendly, he's doing a good job as an admin on CTF n Rats..
    and he's ready for it!
    Good Luck!
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  5. FaRiS

    FaRiS Rats Bully

    vouch for this awesome guy ! , active always , mature , helping everyone and one of best admins in rats gl man
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  6. CatchUP

    CatchUP Guardian

    VOuch for nub zola!! He got all that is needed for this poston. GOod luck.
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  7. Motion [1975]

    Motion [1975] WristHaX Addict

    You have my BIGGEST VOUCH of all time! My girlfriend here is HYPER-active on both the servers and the forums. She has a good foundation on distinguishing dirty scumbags who are ambiguously hacking and people who seem like they're hacking but they're actually not. In addition, with 42 active bans and a relatively small amount of unbans, I think you'll do great! Good luck!
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  8. ~ tAi

    ~ tAi GodLike

    Thought i recognized your nick.. even though it's almost been 5 years haha.
    Based on this application and the brief conversation i've had with you in-game I can already tell you're going to do a fine job.

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  9. Serbi@n

    Serbi@n Ред Стар Staff Member

    • WHX | Leader
    Thanks for your Interest & Good Luck In Your Application.
    You are now under the Selection Process. The Final Decision will be taken soon.
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  10. pintu

    pintu WristHaX Staff Staff Member

    • WHX | Staff
    • WHX | Administrators

    In this instance, we have decided to accept your DR Application. We are pleased to welcome you to our Demo Reviewer Team! Thank you for giving us this amazing chance to have you as part of the Management of our Community. You have what it takes! And probably More!
    Enjoy your stay!. Happy Gaming!.
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