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Discussion in 'Two weeks trial' started by WHX | // CaNaL CaNaLhA //, Aug 7, 2017.

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  1. WHX | // CaNaL CaNaLhA //

    WHX | // CaNaL CaNaLhA // WristHaX Addict

    Member Name WHX | // CaNaL CaNaLhA //

    What Server are you applying for?: CTF

    In-Game Name: WHX | // CaNaL CaNaLhA //

    What is your steam ID: STEAM_1:0:531209363 0 00:28 202 0

    What is your email address?

    Age: 16

    Do you have AMX Experience. If so describe to us what experience you have.: Yes, two weeks judgment

    League History (if any): None

    Timezone: GMT / UTC - 03: 00h

    Tell us why you should be Admin: Because I want to help them clean the server from hackers.

    At my first trial, I did not go so well, but now I hope to do a good job and also hope I can help you !!
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  2. WHX | // CaNaL CaNaLhA //

    WHX | // CaNaL CaNaLhA // WristHaX Addict

    Hello everyone!! Can I edit my TDM publication for CTF or not? If I can not all right!
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  3. -=Kill4Free=-|TEO|

    -=Kill4Free=-|TEO| Knight Templar

    Sure you can edit it.

    @Server Admins your Vouch/Not vouch is required
  4. iKill|Dragon

    iKill|Dragon WristHaX Overdose

    What went wrong during your first trial? I'd request another trial.
  5. WHX | // CaNaL CaNaLhA //

    WHX | // CaNaL CaNaLhA // WristHaX Addict

    thank you
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  6. CatchUP

    CatchUP Guardian

    Vouch for trial! :)
    Good luck
  7. Forza.

    Forza. Milan Fan

    Vouch for trial!
    i've seen an improvement on ur reports , u r being more active on servers n forums ,
    ur behavior has changed to better!
    good luck man!
  8. WHX | // CaNaL CaNaLhA //

    WHX | // CaNaL CaNaLhA // WristHaX Addict

    I didn't do a great job, but I've learned from the errors I had
  9. Kurt Cocaine

    Kurt Cocaine Member

    Vouch ! He didn't very well on his first trial,But I see that he is hardworking, active and
    has a lot of banned hacks on report section, vouch for another trial
    Good luck
  10. Armleg

    Armleg WristHaX Addict

    Vouch for another trial, lets see if he can do it, ofcourse he can but iwant some proof. Show to us that ur fit for the position your applying for. Glfh
  11. Mr.Pepsi

    Mr.Pepsi Pepsi Addict

    Vouch for another trial,
    I think he has been showing that he is learning more and more.
    I think he deserves another shot for a trial.
    Good luck!
  12. SpiriT

    SpiriT WristHaX Addict

    GIve him a chance, he is a friendly person and can spot hackers..just need more in-game time to get used to.Vouch for trial as well. Good luck with your application.
  13. ~ tAi

    ~ tAi GodLike

    You learn from your mistakes. I can only judge by the words above me that you'll deserve a second trail.
  14. VladeehmiR |SM|

    VladeehmiR |SM| WristHaX Overdose

    Vouch for another trial
    Active, Friendly

    Good luck!
  15. Fadiga

    Fadiga WristHaX Overdose

    Friendly & active. He is learning more and more, i Think he Just need more experience.

  16. Johnny

    Johnny WristHaX Site Administrator Staff Member

    • WHX | Staff
    • WHX | Administrators
    I will give you another shot. approved for trial. check your inbox for admin password. good luck

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