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Discussion in 'WristHaX CS:GO Match Server' started by abu, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. abu

    abu Zero Tolerance Staff Member

    • WHX | Staff

    Date: TBD
    Time: TBD
    Participants: 16 only (wristhax members+ and other friendly clan members can also participate.)
    K.O Map: awp_india_cs16
    Finals : Best of 3
    Map1: awp_india_cs16
    Map2: awp_kox
    Map3: awp_pro
    Prize: Winner 75$ and Runnerup 25$
    Sponsor: WristHaX

    You can register just by posting your name. If any player doesn't show up I will replace him/her with 17th registration n so on..

    Good Luck!
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  2. Magic Helmet

    Magic Helmet New guy

  3. Legendary[Geo]

    Legendary[Geo] I <3 Muh Hairy Palms

    im in. when iz it
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  4. Joker!

    Joker! #MouseDR

    Joker! In
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  5. ~ tAi

    ~ tAi GodLike

    I'm in!
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  6. Caesar

    Caesar WristHaX's Lover

    I'm in if it is on a weekend :)
  7. Black_Sheep

    Black_Sheep King of New York

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  8. albert

    albert I ♥ Houston Staff Member

    • WHX | Staff
    I'll put my name down for now but not sure if it will work for me so once day/time is posted I'll verify
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  9. Johnny

    Johnny WristHaX Site Administrator Staff Member

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    • WHX | Administrators
    I'm in
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  10. kitten_BG >^.^<

    kitten_BG >^.^< Stalked by Geo

    ^ same .. thou I wont get far xD
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  11. J@ck B@uer

    J@ck B@uer Loyal Servant

    if i get new pc by then im in
  12. ToMKaT

    ToMKaT WristHaX Geek

    I'm in.
  13. J@ck B@uer

    J@ck B@uer Loyal Servant

    well got the tower waiting on the screen ....
  14. PANIC

    PANIC Bizzon boi boi

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  15. stellar *

    stellar * WristHaX Geek

    I'm in ez pz
  16. Kittylover

    Kittylover Ne bakıyon amk

    those maps suck pls put lego_2, but im in
  17. tacocat

    tacocat SilverCat + Deranker#2 + the 10 man clutcher

    im in
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  18. abu

    abu Zero Tolerance Staff Member

    • WHX | Staff
    lego_2 was obviously on my list as played few rounds 2 days ago n liked it but the problem is lego_2 weapons r deagle n awp. -_-

    Or I might just do awp india best of 3. Will update when everything is finalized.
  19. Kittylover

    Kittylover Ne bakıyon amk

    You can remove deagle or just say that you cant use deagle then ppl throw it in the beginning of round
  20. Legendary[Geo]

    Legendary[Geo] I <3 Muh Hairy Palms

    iight so did u decided when?

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