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    Dear Members,

    Greetings, I'm currently in search of a team to assist in the promotion and marketing of our official WristHaX Youtube Channel We are looking to form a team of members with Video Editing Skills, Photo Editing Skills, Social Media Management experience and more.
    We would like to work with some other youtubers with the only intent to feature a solid Youtube Channel and keep growing our awesome brand.

    The aim of this is ultimately to have fun but also to increase subscriptions by introducing new viewers to our channel. Thankfully, we live in a world and time where customers and developers are interacting more often! Now there are plenty of tools that can easily sync with all of our social media accounts so that we can inform, promote and monitor our members and the traffic of the same.

    WristHaX Youtube Channel: Click Here!

    Team Duties:

    1. Create & Design Videos related to Gaming.
    2. Work hard in establishing a Contact Network and get new Viewers.
    3. Make summaries of news, documentary, technology, video games and more, all relevant to the interest of the video game market.
    4. More to be specific in the Private Message after decision.

    Benefits After 1 Month of Evaluation:

    1. Full Admin Access in All Servers (bcdefiju).
    2. Mentioned in the Steam Group Description.
    3. Custom Title on Forums. [Youtube Team]
    4. +1k Likes 1k Messages +500 TPoints

    Apply Here: http://wristhax.com/index.php?applicationform/staff-application.2/form

    *What position are you applying for? : WristHaX Youtube Team
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