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    Is this for the servers or forums?: Dath Match

    Your Suggestion: a dream is just a desire, until the moment you act on it, and you propose to make it into a goal!
    I come here to suggest more maps related to our server, trying to stay with the same advantage numerica with the others!


    Notes: Switch Traditional Assault to cs_1337_assault

    How will we benefit from this?: The biggest benefit we can receive, and allow and share our server as the favorite and with the presence of good players active on our server ... We just need it to be the best of the day, and know that our server will always be welcome for being something fair, honest and free from hakers!
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    I agree with my brother! I think the Server is in need of some new maps because the maps are already getting very repetitive. I think it would be nice to have some new maps on our server
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