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    I think we can all agree that we've experienced pausing, rescheduling or even forfeiting matches due to DDoS attacks too often lately.

    But what actually is DDoS ?
    Well-known caster, and ex-professional player Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen describes the problem like that: "imagine traveling on a train with your friend, and having a conversation. Then imagine 5,000 more people hopping onboard, and starting to talk to you. Ultimately you wouldn't be able to hear any of them."

    You should notice the same problems in DDoS attacks. Your internet connection is flooded with more packets than it can handle, causing the build up of loss and even crash completely.

    DDoS attacks are pretty common these times, because it's really cheap to attack someone via internet. Per lurppis's research, a lifetime access to a website that allows you to execute a Distributed Denial of Service attack on anyone whose IP address you're in the possession of, costs a measly $30.

    Some of the newer users may ask themselves why there is a huge delay during online leagues matches. The answer is pretty simple - it's DDoS. Those attacks cause players to drop and servers to crash, and sometimes even affect LAN tournaments. For the latter, continuous attacks compound the delays even further.

    What can we do against DDoSing ?
    One of the ideas is proposed by lurppis.
    "In the past, players' IPs could be retrieved by internet relay chat (IRC) - which greatly affected its death as the messaging tool of our community - whereas today it usually happens via Steam or Skype.

    People use a program that could retrieve the IP address used by any Skype username. The glitch has been fixed in the newer Skype versions, so make sure you update your Skype client as soon as possible.

    You must configure Skype to only accept calls from your contacts, and to check a setting on the Connection-page to only allow direct connections to your contacts.

    It's also important to never join an unknown Mumble or TeamSpeak server - as either can store your IP address - and to never accept unknown Friends requests, especially during matchmaking games." - Kovanen describes the issue and gives one of the solution.

    You can also try to change your IP, but since most of the internet providers use pernament IPs, it can be found difficult to solve the problem.

    To change your IP - which you should do as precaution as often as possible - you can try to leave your router off for the night. You can also try directly calling your ISP to try to explain the situation.

    What's the conclusion ?
    Shutting down betting services is not a feasible and smart option. DDoS attacks will not be going away anytime soon, though. It's important to understand this is a long process, but blaming anyone doesn't help - and the only ones to blame are the people behind the attacks.

    Players need to change their IPs and be more smart with their online actions. Whining about DDoSing and calling others out will not help. Angry tweets and posts on facebook won't stop the attacks.

    "Another thing DDoS attackers hope for, aside from affecting results, is attention. The reason DDoSsing is often not mentioned, is to not give those people what they hope for.
    Though it can be annoying, in this scenario it may be better to try to do our best to avoid DDoS attacks, and to not give anyone performing the attacks the attention they are seeking." - Kovanen's advice for gamers, casters and fans.
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    Very nice article here. Good read. Thanks.
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    Good stuffs fozzy, it's actually crazy to know that it can affect LAN tourneys as I believe it happened on DREAMHACK Stockholm.
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    What a great Thread. Thanks a lot @fozzy
    You are doing fantastic.
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    You don't even have an idea of how common they are.

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