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    Classic specific rules.

    1. No camping in spawn past 1:15 The Objective must be completed.

    2. No planting the bomb at the B bombsite unless the CT team has 5 players

    3. Keep spectating to a minimum when server is near capacity (25-32 current players). Idling while server is low population is okay!

    4. Do not spam music over your in-game voice communication device... We don't want to hear it!

    5. Do not ghost or call out players locations after you die in a round to your teammates in-game or via outside VOIP program (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Example: Vent, Mumble, Skype, Teamspeak, etc. If we can prove you are doing this (hard to do) you will be banned and the reason will be walling <- (subject to change)

    6. Do not use any kind of software that would give you an advantage over another player(s) (Hacks) Example: Wallhacks, Aimbot / Aim assist, Speedhacks, Antiflash, Anti-smoke etc.

    7. No Racism as well as trying to bypass saying or typing racist things using special characters, abbreviations, etc.
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Moderators: unknown, Wallhack?
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